Enhancement of Vehicle Purchasing Website

Team Members:

Saba, Nadia, Somayeh, Dhanushka

Overall Process

With an ultimate goal of overall improvement of the website, our group conducted a number of usability testings on both desktop and mobile devices using Tobii Eye Tracking System. It brought us a new and precise way of seeing the world through the eyes of an actual user.

Areas of Focus

As requested by our client, in order to enhance the initial impression of the website, we decided to target three essential tools that play major role in users' choice(s).

Our main target at that point was to know how well the "Special Offers" was performing, have an evaluation of the "Build & Price" tool and finally, they wanted to see if users could easily book a test drive with their built vehicle.

Primary Steps

We started the process with preparing a protocol for our test sessions and based on that, scenarios were developed. As the last step, we recruited a number of volunteers who would fit within the requested criteria.

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Research Approach & Methods

Our client had asked us to look into first-time car buyers who were in their 20s as our target group. A total of three moderated usability tests was conducted, which took approximately one hour in length per session. We asked our participants to perform three tasks and monitored them without interrupting as they tried to achieve the goal.

One out of the total three tests that were performed, one was on a mobile device and the rest were conducted on a desktop computer.

Findings & Analysis

The collected data was analyzed based on the user flow in order to reveal both strengths and pain points. The eye-tracking system also generated gaze plots as well as heat maps which lead us to extraction of accurate insights. We then used the results to generate an inclusive report that lead to defining our solution and suggestions for further improvement.

Final Results

We suggested minimal changes with maximum results in order to encourage our client to put them in use. Reducing "pop-ups" and improving layout on the "Spacial Offers"page were to name a few. These suggestions were taken into account and were implemented by our client in their next redesign of their website a few months after, which resulted in a noticeable increase in their conversation rate.

Take Aways

To sum up, taking the time and conducting a thorough research can result in deeper and better understanding of the people for whom the product is designed. This would eventually pay off by avoiding the pitfalls that might be missed if decisions are merely based on assumptions.

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